Daytime Visits

Being away for long periods of time is sometimes unavoidable, but it can be hard on our pets. Even if they don’t need a full day of daycare or midday walk, a midday visit can mean the world to some pets. We can help keep your pets happy and healthy with just a short visit, to brighten up their day until you’re home!

Extra pets within the home are at no additional cost for daytime visits!

All day time visits include:

  • Potty Break
  • Play Time
  • Water Refresh
  • Meal Distribution (If Applicable)
  • Medicine Administration (If Applicable)
  • Litter refresh (If Applicable)
  • Love and Affection

Puppy Visits

Up to 6 Months Old

It is crucial for your puppy's training and development that your puppy is not alone for more than 3 hours at a time. That's a huge commitment! When you're not available throughout the day, we can help!

Puppy visits include 30 minutes of play time and a potty break (or two). Don't take this at face value though! Every chance your puppy has to play is a chance to learn!

  • 30 Minute Puppy Visit - $18

Going to be gone all day?

  • Each additional visit in a day - $10

Package Discount

  • 30 Minute Visit x 20 - $15 / Visit

Dog & Cat Visits

Give your fido or feline a break from the hum drum of counting down to your return. This is also a great package for those pets that need medicine administration throughout the day.

  • 30 Minute Visit - $20

Looking for multiple visits in a day?

  • Each additional visit in a day - $12

Package Discount

  • 30 Minute Visit X 20 - $17 / Visit

Contact us here to inquire further about day time visits!

*All Prices are Subject to HST.